Tenant Information

Applying for Rental Properties

The following information will guide you through the process of submitting an application for tenancy.

The Application for Residential Tenancy form can be found on our website www.beachhouseaccom.com.au, emailed or sent to you on request. A completed Application for Residential Tenancy form can be submitted at the inspection of the property for rent. If you are unsuccessful with a property that you have applied for, your application can be used for further properties within a 2 week time frame, with current and up to date Pay Advices to be supplied.

All properties will need to be inspected by all persons listed on the Application for Residential Tenancy. Beachhouse Accom will not rent any properties unsighted.

Please complete the document in full and supply copies of supporting documents for 100 Point Identification. Original Drivers Licence or Passport must be sighted when submitting your application.

  • Passport, full/extract Birth Certificate (70 points)
  • Australian Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card (40 points)
  • Other photo ID from Government Agency eg. Pension Card, Student Card (25 points)
  • Medicare Card, Motor Vehicle Rego Certificate, Previous Tenancy Agreement, Bank Statement (25 points)
  • Phone Account, Electricity or Gas Account, Last 2 rent receipts, Credit Card/Bank Statement (25 points)

You are also required to supply Beachhouse Accom with proof of income upon submission of your application.

  • Employed Last 4 Pay Slips
  • Self employed Bank Statements, Tax Return or Accountant’s Letter
  • Not Employed Centrelink Statement

Final Tenant selection is made after thorough reference, employment and income verification checks are carried out. The Landlord will always make the final decision on who the successful Applicant for the property will be.

Until such time as Beachhouse Accom receive a signed and initialed Form 18a (Lease Agreement) and one weeks rent, the property will remain advertised and applications will still be taken.


Beachhouse Accom will require the final payment of a further one weeks rent and the equivalent of 4 weeks rent to be submitted to the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) as bond.

Important – keys won’t be issued early

It is important to note that for legal and security reasons we are unable to issue keys early, or grant you access to the property any earlier than the allocated tenancy start date.

On the start date of your new Lease Agreement a time will be allocated for you to meet with Beachhouse Accom to sign further documents, receive keys and to go over Beachhouse Accom’s expectations of you as a Tenant, which will involve the following:

  1. Form 18a (Lease Agreement)
  2. Form 2 (Bond Lodgement)
  3. How to pay your rent
  4. Form 1a (Entry Condition Report)
  5. Maintenance and Repair procedures
  6. Form 17a (Pocket Guide for Tenants – houses and units)

Lodgement of Bond

Your bond will be lodged with the RTA and you can expect confirmation from them indicating your Bond lodgement number.

Contact Details

Tenants must update all contact details if they change.

Property Condition Report

Please ensure that you return your signed and completed copy of your property condition report to us within 3 business days of the tenancy start date. This is really important because if this is not returned then the original inspection information will be used for end of tenancy condition comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not.


It is the responsibility of the Tenant to organise Insurance cover for their contents.


As a tenant or resident, you are responsible for paying the rent and must continue to pay it when it is due.  You cannot stop paying rent, even if:

  1. The landlord or owner refuses to do repairs
  2. You are in the last month of your rental agreement
  3. You have given notice that you intend to vacate
  4. You have been given a notice to vacate.

If you are paying the rent by electronic funds transfer  (EFT), make sure you leave enough time (at least 24 hours) for the money to go into the nominated account; otherwise your rent may be late.


General Repairs

We require all requests for repairs or maintenance to be lodged in writing, with a detailed explanation of the problem and emailed to rentals@beachhouseaccom.com.au as soon as possible.

Emergency and After Hours Repairs

Contact Beachhouse Accom on 0477 887 844 immediately for all emergencies.

Emergency repairs are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

  1. blocked or broken toilet system
  2. serious roof leak
  3. a gas leak
  4. dangerous electrical fault
  5. serious flood damage
  6. storm or fire damage
  7. a failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by your landlord or agent for hot water, water, cooking
  8. failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity, or water supply
  9. any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  10. a serious fault in a lift or staircase
  11. Burst water Pipes

Additional keys or changed locks

There are to be no additional keys cut without Beachhouse Accom’s knowledge and approval. At the end of Tenancy we will require all keys to be returned including any additional copies and the Key Register will need to be signed. If you change the locks during tenancy, you must provide us with a full new set of keys for property access.

Routine Inspection

Routine Inspections will be conducted every 3 months, Beachhouse Accom will issue you with an Entry Notice (Form 9) 2 weeks prior to inform you of the inspection date.

During the Inspection, photos will be taken and a detailed report will be sent with the photo’s to the owner of the property. The tenant will also receive the detailed report and will need to attend to any issues that may have been noted. Beachhouse Accom will do a follow up inspection on any issues that may have arisen to confirm that the tenant has rectified the issue.

What we look out for at the inspection:

  1. That walls, light switches, doorways and doors are clean from marks and/or holes.
  2. The carpets are clean and stain free.
  3. The windows and screens are clean and intact.
  4. The kitchen area clean, including the oven and stove top
  5. Shower, bathroom, toilet and laundry are clean (including tiling, grout and silicone).
  6. All areas and rooms are fully accessible (not locked)
  7. The lawns are freshly cut, edged and maintained.
  8. Gardens are tidy and presentable – weeds removed.
  9. No unregistered car bodies on the property.
  10. Oil stains removed from carports, garages and driveways.
  11. All outside areas, garages, store rooms etc are all accessible.
  12. Swimming pool and/or spa are clean (if applicable).
  13. If you have an approved pet – their droppings have been removed.

Please note:  Dogs must be restrained for the inspection.


Beachhouse Accom carry a complete set of keys for the property and can organise these to be re-cut at the tenant’s expense. Should replacement keys be required outside of normal business hours, the Tenant will need to organise a locksmith at their expense to gain entry and Beachhouse Accom will need to be notified to organise keys to be re-cut. The Key Register will need to be updated and signed by the Tenant.


The tenant must ensure that care is taken to avoid damaging the rented premises. Any damage caused to the property needs to be reported to Beachhouse Accom immediately via phone or email.


No pets are to be at the property unless prior arrangement with Beachhouse Accom and it is noted on the lease agreement. If you are considering a new pet or a replacement pet this must be approved by Beachhouse Accom prior to acquiring. The Tenant agrees to have all carpets professionally cleaned, flea treated and deodorized at 12 month intervals & or at the end of tenancy


It is expected that the property be kept clean, as this is a tenancy agreement requirement.

Walls, switches, power points, skirting, doors and doorways – Keep these free of scuff marks and dust build up.

Cobwebs/dusting – Remove cobwebs from windows, walls and ceilings. Light fittings need to be cleared of bugs and dust. Fans need to be kept clean and free from dust build up to avoid rusting.

Blinds – Vacuum regularly or wipe to keep them free from dust build up

Windows, sills, window tracks and flyscreens – Keep these regularly cleaned and dusted.

Ventilation – Ensure that all rooms are kept adequately ventilated to avoid problems associated with condensation, causing mould and possible health problems.

Air Conditioners – Regularly clean any filters and intake vents to ensure there is no build-up of dirt and dust.

Fixtures and Fittings – If you wish to install or remove any fixtures or fittings, you must request this beforehand in writing.

Smoke Alarms – All smoke alarms at your property are serviced annually. If you have any concerns with your smoke alarm contact beachhouse Accom immediately.

Picture Hooks – No additional picture hooks maybe used without a written request and written approval from beachhouse Accom.

Chopping boards – Please ensure chopping boards are used on bench tops, so that bench tops are kept in good condition and free from unnecessary cut marks.

Dishwashers – Need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and any build-up of food remains removed including filter cleaned. Rinsing dishes prior to loading into dishwasher is strongly recommended.

Grouting and Silicone – Please report any peeling silicone or loose grout immediately as this can cause water damage if not repaired.

Oven and stovetops – Ensure that stove tops, grillers and ovens are kept clean.  Please use care when cleaning with scourers as these may scratch and damage enamel surfaces.

Exhaust fans/vents and rangehoods – Ensure all vents and rangehood filters are kept clean.

Wet Areas, bathroom, toilet and laundry grouting/tiles – Regularly clean all tiled areas to keep them free from grime, soap scum and mould.

Shower Screens – Regularly clean shower screens to avoid soap and scum build up. (Cleaning Tip – warmed vinegar and a small amount of dish detergent will work well)

Leaking taps and Toilets – Report all leaks immediately.

Lawn and Garden maintenance – Ensure that lawns are regular mowed, edged and weeded, keeping them neat and tidy. Weeding of garden beds, pathways and paving are the responsibility of the tenant.

Rubbish – please ensure any rubbish is regularly removed from the property. This includes car parts, tyres and general rubbish.

Parking on lawns – It is important that at no time cars or any type of vehicle be parked on any lawns.


A Tenancy agreement is a legally binding document. When you sign the agreement, you agreed to be responsible for paying the rent until the end date on the tenancy agreement. If you break the tenancy agreement, you are legally responsible for paying the rent until another suitable tenant is found to occupy the premises or until the tenancy agreement ends. You will also be liable for other costs such as advertising, new lease paperwork and letting fee plus the GST on these terms. You must complete and return a Break Lease Agreement form and Form 13 ( Notice of Intention to Leave) to beachhouse Accom, before advertising of the property can commence.

What are the costs involved if I break the fixed term agreement?

The lessor/agent requires you to pay for the reasonable costs they incur if you break the tenancy agreement. For Example, costs for re-letting the property include:

  • Compensation for loss of rent
  • The cost of advertising, inspections, applications and paperwork for new tenants
  • Costs incurred by the lessor – such as if the lessor has to pay a letting fee to the agent
  • Smoke Alarm re-certification, if applicable

Who is responsible for finding a new tenant?

The tenant breaking the lease is responsible for finding a new tenant. Beachhouse Accom will assist you in advertising on the Internet and in-house and will assess all Tenancy Applications as per the normal process involved with a new Tenancy Agreement.

How can you increase the chance of finding a replacement tenant quickly? 

  • Help us help you by keeping your rental property tidy and clean.
  • Advertise the property. eg: local newspaper, Gumtree etc
  • Make the property available for inspections. Many prospective tenants work regular hours and may require inspections ‘out of hours’

What happens when a new tenant is secured?
We will contact you to confirm that a new tenant has been secured for the property and the date of the new tenancy.  You are required to hand the property back to Beachhouse Accom in accordance with the detailed Vacating Clean Checklist provided. Time is allowed for an exit inspection, final water meter read, any follow up issues and clearance of the Bond.


Rent will be charged until the day the keys are returned. Tenants need to return all Keys and Remotes to Beachhouse Accom and sign the Key Register.

Lease End

If you are not renewing your lease agreement a Form 13 (Notice of Intention to Leave) will need to be completed and given to Beachhouse Accom. We will email you a comprehensive cleaning checklist, which will assist you in getting a complete Bond refund. The exit inspection will be completed by Beachhouse Accom no more than 3 days after the final date of your lease agreement. If there are any cleaning or maintenance issues that need to be addressed these will need to be completed before a Form 4 (Bond Refund) can be submitted to the RTA.

Mail Redirection

Arrange the redirection of mail (though Australia Post), newspaper and magazine subscriptions and home deliveries.